E8400 vs Q9505 vs Q9550

OK, I've read thread after thread over the last 6 days and everyone's posts but still unclear. I have a E8400 (great cpu) right now, I know a quad core would do much better with video editing. I'm debating between the Q9505 and the Q9550, have yet to find benchmarks of the to together. I'd like to get the Q9550 but is the extra L2 really going to make that much of a difference for $40-$60 more? I'd like to find benchmarks of the two side-by-side.
Thanks for your help everyone!
System :
ASUS maximum II formula
8Gb Patriot DDR2 800
CM V10 cpu cooler (I know it's over kill, but hey, why not?)
BFG tech PSU 1000
CM Haf 932
4850 X2 GPU
Windows 7-64
PS. will start OC some but nothing real crazy.
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  1. I think I finaly found the right wording for google,, found some stuff.
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    This is the Q9450 and Q9400 head to head. The relationship for the Q9550 and Q9505 should be similar.

    Pretty similar for productivity stuff. Gaming actually uses the extra L2 effectively, but might not be worth the extra money.

    You can change the CPUs at the top, but the Q9505 isn't listed but see what the E8xxx are too to see if the apps you'll be using will benefit.
  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! That's what I was looking for. Ive never seen the site before but will be adding to bookmarks.
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