Geforce 5950 Ultra (old) with 240W psu

Hello everyone, i have an important question.. this question is based on the fact my friend is running a Geforce6 512 in 180watt power supply, although the card has a mole-x connector on it which gives me reason to Believe that's why he's running it, anyway being as it may I'm going to buy a Ge-force FX 5950 Ultra soon and i need to know if i can run it on the same power supply mind you it has a mole-x connection on the card, moreover the Ge-force 6 is way more powerful then GF5 Obviously your comments are appreciated, all i care about is running Elder scrolls III Morrwind with the high-res mods smoother then butte
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  1. If he has a 6200 it is not more powerful than a FX5950 Ultra. I had power issues with a FX5600ultra on a 300watt psu with 14 amps on the +12 volts. Those cards were power hogs in their time.
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