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I have 16gb of 2133(oc) ripjaws x.... although my ram is set to 2133 in my EFI bios it runs at 800 mhz DDR3 1066 ....verified by SIW and CPUZ... i have never done any overclocking but does the 2133(oc) mean i must oc to achieve those speedS ?
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AMD FX 8120
OCZ 1250 psu
Radeon 7870
Thermaltake LVL 10 gt
16gb RipJaws X 2133
1tb Seagate
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  1. the oc means that your motherboard cannot achieve those speeds without you setting them in the BIOS.....that 830mhz you see in cpu is actually half the speed of the ram...DDR stands for double data your ram is running a 1660mhz....are you sure that you have it set to 2133 in the BIOS? thats the only thing I can think of as to why its not running at that speed
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    Your motherboard will be able to handle ram that is overclocked to the highest that is noted in the specifications and the MB's default ram speed is the one that has no (oc) beside it so if it says 1066. 1333 , 1600, 1866(oc) 2000(oc) 2133(oc) then when you put in 2133mhz ram the MB will run it at 1600mhz untill you set the ram overclock to 2133mhz.Asus boards call it memory level up. You can also set the XMP profile and see if that will set the ram to 2133.
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