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Wanting to get a new hard drive (Sata). Any suggestions on certain brands, speed and reliability? looking between 160 and 250 gb but can flex
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  1. Why so small? The sweet spot for drives right now is around 500-640GBs. I've seen 500GB drives on newegg for $50 shipped. Not much point in getting a 160 or 250GB. I stick with Seagate or WD drives myself. Try to buy from the newest lines.
  2. Have a slower processor, 2gb of ram max on mobo allowed. E4700 intel chipwith 945g mobo. Not to powerful, heard that the bigger hard drive will take longer response time
  3. not the newer hard drives they tend to be on higher density platters wich gives greater response and speed the seagate 7200.12 500gb is one of those and the samsung f3 500gb but if you want a smaller hard drive you cant go wrong with the samsung f3 250gb
  4. Any cache or latency recommendations?
  5. Then you heard wrong. A slower CPU will take longer to format a larger drive, but I wouldn't let that stop you. I'd get the best performing drive you can that has lots of space. Obsidian pointed out a couple of good ones. As for Cache, latency, rotation speed, etc, your worrying about this to much. The Seagate 7200.12 and WD AAJS(?) drives are fine. Don't worry about 7200RPM vs 10000, or 16mb cache vs 32, etc. Find a 7200.12, AAJS, or F3 drive that you can afford and be happy.
  6. ok. Thanks all again
  7. Get a 500 GB per platter drive such as the 7200.12 or F3.


    Look at THG's Performance Charts (See link on home page) to see which one best fits your usage patterns ....the 7200.12 is better at gaming and pictures, the F3 on movies.
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