Need a good mobo to overclock my i7-920, suggestions please

I started with a Dell 435mt a few years ago: I've replaced almost everything except the motherboard. I want to be able to do some overclocking, but not looking to spend a lot since this is a just a placeholder/hobby until I can afford the newest technology in a few months. I'm looking for something around 100 dollars (US) if that is doable.

The components I'm running are: Thermaltake Toughpower XT 750W PSU, 128 GB Crucial M4 SSD, 750 Gb Hard Drive, motherboard that came with the original Dell and the i7-920 chip, and XFX 7870 GPU.

Basically, I can't overclock with the Dell board, so I want to replace that. I'm also probably going to get a decent heatsink to keep the temps down, although, my HAF 912 case has 4 120 mm fans (2 in, 2 out) that seem to keep everything pretty cool already.

Any suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciate. Thank you.
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  1. Also, I'd like to keep the memory I have, since it works just fine, but maybe overclock it a bit as well:
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  3. So am I better off saving up for a new processor/mobo combo?
  4. A cooler master hyper 212 EVO should work pretty well.
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