RAID 1 - C and E partitions.. E suddenly disapeared.. help

Hey Gang.

I updated my bios recently, and when rebooting afterwards, it installed drivers in windows (7, 64bit) which i didnt think about, till i opened "my comp" to access my E drive, storage area, and found that for some freaky reason, only C is available.. theyre both partitions on the RAID 1 setup, originally 80gig for C, system, and 540GB for storage and games. Any ideas what could cause this? Atm running a recover tool to see if that can make it come back, but would love any input on what would make one "part" of a working union like this just simply go away. C works perfectly fine, and all programs installed on it runs smoothly, but ofc games and stuff installed in E: is gone, shortcuts point to empty destinations etc.
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  1. Is the partition showing up under Disk Management? Possibly (hopefully) with an unassigned drive letter?
  2. Well, not as such. After a long and boring fight to restore my data unto my backup, i found that in windows Disk Management, the disc stood as "offline". When switched to online, i coudl then create a new partition on it, and use, but raid controller never saw it at all.. Have a sneaking suspicion that the raid controller for some reason turned ... well, off... that make any sense? I know it still shouldnt explain why the partition disapeared..

    Putting things in writing, doesnt make me feel smarter... lol, rather puts holes in my little theory... damn... back to the drawing board.. :P
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