Is the Cabinet that important

Hi folks,
In building a gaming rig , for instance with i5/dp55kg/radeon 5770
Is it really necessary to have a high end cabinet like the Antec P193 ,
or will any cheaper one do the job.
I know a good PSU is necessary, but what about the cabinet ?
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  1. You need a case that is capable of moving a lot of air through it, hopefully without too much noise. The Antec 300 and 900 are good choices. So are some of the CoolerMaster cases.
  2. Cabinet is important but that doesn't means you have to spend a lot.

    As mentioned by jsc...
    The cabinet should be able to move lot of air.

    I have a generic case that's 5 year old which I bought for 20$.
    It does the job very well.

    Whatever you buy just check the cooling and whether it can house that card.
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