H55/57 and the Clarckdale and Crossfire Compatability

I am thinking of getting a new CPU and Motherboard (new ram too I suppose since my old ram will no longer work on my new board) to replace my current system, I have an older Core 2 Duo.
I have a HD4870 and I want to crossfire it, I was going to get a i3-550 3.3ghz cpu and a new board, but I am not sure if the board will support crossfire.
I seem to get mixed answers and some of what I am reading is saying that the H55/57 will not allow Crossfire if you have a Clarkdale core with the 32NM construction. I was wondering if this is true and if so what my options are.

Also can I assume that any p55 chipset will support Crossfire? I figure since it was out before the integrated graphics thing, then there will not be any issues with the clarkdales and the integrated graphics ? Also, what are the real limitation with Crossfire and h55/57 chipsets. In general how can I know if the motherboard will support Crossfire?
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  1. I'm sure that you can't CrossFireX/SLI with the Clarkdales on the H55 chipset, but I think you can on the P55, not sure.
  2. So I should get a p55 then, is there a way to check? What I have read seems to say that p55s CAN, but there are exceptions.... I don't want to find out that I spent 200 or more dollars on the exception
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    You can crossfire on most p55 motherboards with 2 pcie x8 slots.
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