4-way SLI or Crossfire setups

How do you get 4 video cards in a case that only has 7 slots in the back and each card takes two slots can the bottom card drop below the bottom slot by one slot?

do i need a new case to build this kind of setup?

has someone done this and could you show pics or direct me to the pics of that build?

the cards take up two slots but there are no connections on the bottom or second slot position.
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  1. Well first off a new case would help your situation and as an example the Cooler Master HAF-X case has 9 slots in the back of the case and will accomodate what you want to do very nicely.
    Next the easiest thing to do for 4-way SLI is to get two 590's or 690's and that would give you 4-way with four slots.
    Next is water cooling blocks on the video cards that would make them single slot cards. The Evga Hydro Copper 2 cards are an example of this and you can easily gat four of these cards in a 7 slot case. There are fittings that will connect the cards in 4-way single slot setup.
    I have put a two slot card in the bottom slot and it was not an easy thing to do because you cover up the bottom row of connections , usb, fire wire start button pins and the card will just go past the last slot and as long as there is nothing to restrict it you caan fit the card.
    My current case is the HAF-X and I had three hydro copper cards and a revo card in the four slots and could have easily put a fourth hydro copper card instead of the revo card in that fourth slot. The top two slots were unused because they lined up with the north bridge chipset so I was effectively using 7 slots. The maotherboard is a Gigabyte G1 Assassin MB.
  2. Ok so you can get MOBO's with all 4 slots right next to each other that will work and the other way may require some modification to the case or card but it will still work without replacing the case.

    This is my current build I would like to try a 4 card setup for the next one.
  3. You could always do 4 cards with full covers...
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    Thios motherboard has four slots that are equaly spaced and you can get four two slot cards on it in the red slots with the bottom one droping over the bottom row of connections. The video card will have clearence over these connections as I have actually put a two slot card over the bottom row of connections and there was clearence , you just have to connect the wires first.
  5. Yea, that is the board that I was looking at.
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