Small Form Factor Video Card Recommendation :)

Hi again. I previously posted a question about the a video card for pc gaming and came to the conclusion that i wanted an ATI Radeon 4670. However, i just realised that my Dell Optiplex 755 is the 'desktop computer' version instead of the 'mini tower'. I know how stupid it sounds that i only just figured that out, but i'm very noobish :na: . Here's the manual that shows the three different versions;

So anyway, i was wondering if anybody knew a small form factor video card that's roughly near the Radeon 4670 in power (if such a thing is possible) and is compatible with my pc. It's just that i'll be stuck with this pc for a while, and the Radeon 2400 (which the pc came with) can barely play anything from the last 3 years :(.

Here's my specs just in case;
Dell OptiPlex 755 desktop computer
Intel Core 2 Duo - 3 GHz
ATI Radeon HD 2400 (256 MB)
PCI-Express X16

Edit: Also, i was just wondering if anybody had any comments on the 9500 GT low profile for gaming, as i've found one off ebay that i like :D

Thanks for the help :)
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  1. Cool thanks. I forgot to mention that i'm looking to be able to play most recent games smoothly but at medium settings and at a fairly low resolution. Particularly i wanted to make sure Mass Effect 2 would work without lag. So with that in mind is the 9500 GT still a possible, or is it just too low end. Thanks for the help :D
  2. The GTS250 is the most powerful it is a mid range card the 9500GT would be a low range and would not play anything recent very well, but then again it would be in the eye of the beholder. There are more low profile 9600GT cards on the market I have seen them from Galaxy, Sparkle and Zotac. They would be your best bet for decent game play.
  3. Thanks for the reply again :). I should look into getting a 9600 GT then.
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