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Hi all,

just needed a piece of advice, i am planning to buy a new machine, my usage is watching movies, browsing, use photoshop and coreldraw. along with it i use my office applications, write tech docx using adobe s/ws. i am considering i3 530 or a C2Q. please suugest the odds, also and do you guys think i should look for i5 750? i am going to install 64 bit OS, so will i3 able to take it?

also coming to mobo i am planning to go for intel 55hc or 55tc, or 55wg, which i atx based, as i look for expandibilty. memeory i am going fr corsair 4G @ 1333mHZ.

Please suggest for proc.....
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  1. Your best choice would be the i5 750, but the Core 2 Quad is also a very good performer
    Sure, i3 is 64-bit compatible.
    But i3's are just dual cores with hyper-threading ( they're acting like 4 threads ), but still they aren't true Quad cores.

    I'd say if your budget allows it go for the i5 750, cause the LGA775 ( C2Q ) is already a dead socket for upgrade and i3 is just a dual core, though the i3 will do fine for those apps you are mentioning, but the i5 750 is more future-proof

    Also, please post what is exactly the mem. you will use ( if you can please post a link )
  2. for ur uses a dual will do just fine, i suggest i3 530, though the g6950 will do just as well for you, i usually go gor gigabyte and msi boards, so i cant make a suggestion on an intel board, 775 is dead, any new builds should bypass it, unless the whole thing is budget oriented
  3. Thanks! unknown_13

    You seem to be futurstic... yes i7 is only 3.5 grands more.... i am looking at 4GB memory Crosair or transcend..(unless i get crosair)

    coming to the motherboard..i am looking at intel only its value the money and intel knows wht is best for thier processor....but i am not sure which to take 55hc, or 55wg ...diffr is hc has an integarted video with dVI & HDMI and Wg doesnt have it.. and an extra video card is required......

    one question is i5 750 is it good enough with 55hc?

    Which chipset is better P55 (in 55wg) or h55 chipset in 55hc??

    do you think the prices would go down post budget ? i.e. april'10
  4. If you will take the i5 750 then definetly the P55WG with the P55 chipset

    H55 chipset i think it's a chipset for the Core i5 6xx series which have a dual core processor and a GPU in the same package and for the Core i3

    About the prices.. uhh i think if they AMD introduses its new lineup ( the Phenom II X6 and a new Phenom II X4 model ) then the prices would fall. But i'm not sure when they are going to be released ( somewhere in about month or month and a half )

    But nothing official from AMD yet....
  5. the h5x chipsets are for use with the core i5 and i3 processors with integrated graphics, you can also use the i5 750 in these boards, but you will get no video from the onboard connectors,

    you will need a gpu, i personally prefer the h5x chipset, because of its accross the board compatibility, amd will be releasing the new phenom ii x6 on april 26th.
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