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I have just received Intel E5400 chip and its stock fan heatsink. I have also a new Gigabyte G41-es2l board and I am puzzled by the information I have read.
Firstly ther stock heat sink has three strips of what looks like a thermal compound on it each stripe is about 5mm wide, ok, 3/16" for those not metric yet.
Now this is not wide enough for the base of the chip so will leave air gaps.
Is this ok to use as is? Is the stock heatsink adequate will board & chip run ok in standard ATX case? What power psu is ideal?

As you see basic beginners questions as its my first attempt to configure so took best cost/performance option I could find, any comments appreciated? as I devised this combo from reading posts here.

Finally I have a Zalman CNS9500 on order as I did not expect the heatsink in teh Intel package, said I was a beginner, should I fit this anyway?

PC is to run office applications & internet downloads. I am not a gamer.
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  1. The paste on the stock cooler will melt and spread as the cpu heats up, nothing to worry about there.
    The CNPS9500 would allow room for some overclocking, if you're not going to OC it's just a matter of wether or not you want to install it.
    Not a gamer, an Antec EA380 or Corsair CX400 is more than enough psu for a basic work station.
  2. As I always say to people who ask about the heatsinks that come with retail packaged CPU's. This is the heatsink supplied to you buy the people who make and warranty the processor, right? So I would think it would do the job just fine unless you are planning on big overclocks, and voiding the warranty anyhow. If you have bought an aftermarket heatsink, it is up to you. You can cancel the order and save your money if you are not going to be doing any overclocking.
    Yes, everything should work fine in your case. Since you are not a gamer and do not need a powerful GPU, any quality 380-450 watt PSU would be more than enough.
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