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So I finished my first and second gaming rig builds and now I am looking to upgrade my personal system by going to all water cooling. I have an Antec h2o 620 right now and I'm looking at purchasing the xspc raystorm rx240 extreme. My case is the corsair 600t white. My first question is when I get the funds together for the water block (gtx 670) what kind of difficulty installation wise am I looking (I am a novice water cooler at best). The next question is because of limited space in regards rad mounting options, would the phobya xtreme 200mm rad be enough cooling for the gpu if i added it to the loop? I'm sorry in advance if any of these questions are too stupid, but hey if I don't ask them now I may end up asking dumber ones down the road. Thanks in advance for any help offered.
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  1. so are you looking to cool the CPU and GPU or jist the GPU?

    if both and not clocked 2x240's or a 420 for a good 360 (thick rad) will work fine.

    If you can operate a screw driver then you can install the blocks it is not to hard to do.

    as far as the antec i have never had much luck with a single 120mm rad i do not think that the water stays in them long enough to really make a diffrence.
  2. Because of cost issues initially just the cpu but I have every intention of doing the gpu as soon as I can. I really would like to have everything mounted inside the case and that is the only reason i asked about the Phobya 200mm rad being able to handle the task with the raystorms 240 rad
  3. Not sure of your CPU, but we'll go with an average of 125w TDP. GTX 670 TDP is 170w for a total of 295w.

    XSPC RX 360 = ~625 watts @ 10C delta.

    RX 240 is approx 33% smaller, so 66% of 625w = 412.5 watts. RX240 is plenty for CPU+ GPU.
  4. Very helpful thank you :)

    Guess I should have asked if my nzxt hale90 850w psu would be enough for everything too lol sorry guys.
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