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I have 10+ pcs running Windows XP64, connected up via an ethernet LAN hub... at the moment each pc has two ethernet connections, one to the LAN hub and one to the internet hub. The problem is, im running out of sockets on the floorboxes so i would like to have one machine on the network (running Server 2008) act as a internet router, so all the others can access the net through this one PC. Could anyone advise me on the best way of doing this? Taking into account that I'm not very clued up on DHCP and IP assigning and so on...

The ethernet connections (named LAN 3 on each PC) all run on manually assigned IP's, but the internet connections (LAN 4) will only run if i leave them on 'automatically assign IP'. I don't really understand why this is... anyone care to enlighten me?

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  1. Internet would go into your server machine.

    You would then run a cable from another network card on the server to your switch/hub. I do not have much time with windows server but I assume you can set it up as a gateway, or have it hand out address via DHCP. I think sticking to your static IP addressing with so few computers is a good way to go.

    Make sure all you IPs match. Meaning if you are going to use then all machines including the server need this address. To allow internet on the client machines, you just need to put in the server address as the gateway. Gateway is how you get to the internet. You would also use the servers IP ad the DNS address.

    It is possible that your LAN4 problem is due to you not matching IPs with the router, or not putting in the correct gateway or dns addresses. When you do statics, you have to have all the info correct. And all the info is the same on each PC except for the ip address of the machine itself, of course.

    I hope this helps. I will try to answer any further questions.
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