Random reset....

I bought an system in december 2009.

I7 920 with ocz vendetta 2 cooler
Asus P6T SE
6gb G SKILL memory
Seasonic 650 watts power supply
Radeon 4890 1gb
Western Digital Cavial Black 640gb
Windows 7

Computer goes really well but two days ago it starts doing random reset... No errors at all... only reset when I'm doing nothing or lisening music...

I monitor my cpu and MB temp and everything is ok..
I remove my 6 gb of ram and put only 1 stick and run memtest on each with no problem.
I unplug the reset button (in case if the button was not working properly)
I ran a Avast antivirus...
I also monitor my power supply voltage and everything is ok... with SpeedFan and asus PC probe II

My computer still reset ramdomly...

What can it be?

Can hd do that?
Can my power supply may have "glitch" in the alimentation cause my computer to reset?

I've installed nothing new and I really don't know what could be doing ramdom resets...

Anybody have an idea... I think it's the power supply but how can I be sure?

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  1. usually if something is grounded then the computer tends to shut itself off you might want to check your case and see if you do have anything being grounded. Your reset could be because your computer is near max wattage which is kinda unlikely for computers these days but use the PSU calculator from thermaltake and see where you're at. If you are overclocking then your computer could be unstable so you might want to run prime95 and see if you're good.
  2. oh and if you've had it since december your fans could be clogged up and your temps might be off the charts if that's the case your gaphics card could be heating up and shutting the psu off as a safety precaution. try cleaning your case out if you can't diagnose the problem because my laptop used to do that when it overheated.
  3. check out the standard troubleshooting checklist stickie
  4. I check the standard troubleshooting checklist...

    I overclocked my i7 a little bit to 3ghz but put everything back to default configuration.

    There is not really dust in my computer but gpu is hot... but with GPUZ, temperatures are normal....

    Can a hard drive make a computer to reset? I don't think so... My only idea is the power supply but it's hard to tell...

    And when I was writing this reply, my computer has reset...
  5. dude it could just be windows why don't you try reinstalling ?
  6. i don't know if ram can do that too but try memtest86+
  7. I tried Memtest on all my 2gb memory stick and everything was fine...

    I don't really want to reinstall windows because I have a lot of things installed... I might do a ghost then reinstall...
  8. goingthat willcompletely defeat the purpose!
    Baxk up thrn reinstall
  9. I created an other partition and reinstall windows 7 and my computer still reboot randomly...

    Any ideas?
  10. Reseat cpu cooler
  11. I found the problem... Thanks
  12. what was it ?
  13. SILLY
  14. rotflmao
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