Connecting Case fans to Motherboard and PSU questions

Hi, I have a quick question about connecting case fans to my motherboard and PSU.
My case comes with 5 case fans(1x120, 2x140, 2x230) - Azza Solano 1000
My PSU is Semi-Modular - Antec TruePower 750
Motherboard: Gigabyte 880GPA-UD3H

Here is a picture of fan molexs that come out of the PSU:

On it there are three 4 hole molexs and at the very end a 4 pin(I assume it connects to the motherboard?)

Here's a detailed picture of the end:

My question is, can I connect 2 fans to each molex and 1 fan to the last one? Or will they draw too much power on one wire?
And do I connect the 4 pin end to "SYS_FAN1" on my motherboard?

Thank you again!
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    The last pin in your pics is for a floppy drive, not a case fan. You can connect all five fans to one molex and still be fine. Or you can two to one molex and three to the other molex.
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