Which graphic card is better :-

which one is better and why?
1)geforce:- 9600gt (price= 4200)
2)palit 3850 (price =4000)
3)sapphire 4670 (price =4000)
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  1. The 9600GT is the most powerful, the 4670 is next, the 3850 is last.
    Try to find a 4770, kills the 9800GT.
  2. Ignore the fanboy but in this case the Nvidia card is the best deal.
  3. Sabot is right about the hierarchy of 9600>4670>3850
    (but wrong about the 4770 being much better than a 9800GT--they are about equal and the 9800 is cheaper)

    However, if the power supply in your computer is weak the 4670 might be a better choice. The 9600 often requires a 6-pin power connector, while the 4670 will not.
  4. Most new 9600GTs do not need a power connector and the HD4770 is about 5-10% faster than the 9800GT.
  5. Well I'm not sure but most reviews have the 4770 perform a bit over the 4830 (5-10%) and the 4830 ~ 9800GT, the reviews I've read (overclockers, guru3d, toms) pitted it against 4850, 4830, GTS 250.

    As for OP, the 9600GT is better, however it needs a 6-pin so make sure your PSU supports it, if you want to save money or use less power go with the 4670.
  6. Like I said earlier most new 9600GTs do not need a power connector. The one he is talking about may or may not. Impossible to tell based on the info given so far.
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