How to install ram in DELL SFF DESKTOP with intel pentium

I'm buying a Dell loaded with Windows Vista and Pentium 4, but using only 512MB ram.

I want to set up my wife's PC office to network with 3 macs on Airport Extreme base station.

Am I running into any NO-NOs doing this?

Her needs would be met with just the Word and Excel in Vista.

Is a ram upgrade really necessary?

Thank you for any input...jtw
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  1. 512MB is the min system requirements it will run awfully slow though 1GB is recommended 2GB would be best. It should have 4 memory slots I would put 2 GB in it if you can if its the GX620 like i think it is it only supports DDR2 533 or 667 ram.

    These should fit no problem.
  2. windows vista is a memory hog, at the very least I would get 1.5 GB just for simple office work as you stated
  3. SAAIELLO & ct1615:

    Your RAM advice is timely and will be heeded. Installing chips in a PC is new to a mac guy like me-any pitfalls I should aware of? Thank you, gentlemen!
  4. follow this, they use a Dell as an example

    its really easy, open the PC. locate the RAM sockets. open the locking clamps at each socket end

    the stick can only go in one way. usually (not always) the label stickers all face one way, so look at the current sticks in there as a guide

    once the stick is in, the clamps will simply click into place by themselves

    *you may need to use a little pressure to insert the RAM but the stick should not be forced in (most likely its facing the wrong way)
  5. No worries, then.
    Thank you, Sir.
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