Please suggest me a motherboard for AMD CPU..

Been out of the loop for awhile now, last system I built was an Opteron 165 w/ DFI LanParty Ultra-D NF4 combo. Would like to know the best motherboards out there for an AMD CPU.

Plan to:
-spend $50-$125? (Best bang for the buck, if i spend less on this i can get a better CPU or video card)
-overclock (hopefully to 4.0ghz, still deciding to try to unlock cores)
-have built in 5.1 audio capabilities w/ digital audio output
-have eSATA

Don't plan to:
-buy top of the line $200+
-use onboard graphics

Depending how much extra:
-the latest technologies of USB 3.0 and SATA 6.. actually not sure what else is out there and how important i need to have this.. but id like not need to upgrade in less than 2-3 years..

Also is it always better to get an ATX motherboard vs a mATX when your case can fit it??

What is the best chipset??

What are the top 3 brands now??

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  1. ATX or micro atx it's up to you(if no crossfire-small case,buy micro atx with one PCIe2.0 ),try to get a combo deal cpu-motherboard or ram-mb

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