Will a 700Watt speaker work with a 600Watt/1000VA UPS

Hey guys i'm currently have the "ICE 1000" UPS(uninterrupted power supply) which come with capacity of 600Watt/1000VA and a voltage of 230VAC (voltage range is 140VAC to 300VAC).

I'm going to get the Creative Gigaworks S750 (7.1) speakers, and would like to know if it would work with my "ICE 1000" UPS.

Well the power needs of the creative S750 are as follows

power for Satellite speakers = 70watts (since there are 7 speakers then it would need about 7*70watts=490watts of power)

power for the subwoofer = 210watts.

so totaling (7*70)+210 which gives a total of 700watts.................but my UPS only provides 600Watts/1000VA, so i'm confused of weather it will work or not.

By the way i want to use my UPS only for powering up my Speakers alone. i'd like to know if my "ICE 1000" UPS meet the power needs of the creative S750.

Guys plz give your suggestions!!!!!!!
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  1. i think you are confused in several areas

    the 70 watts per channel and 210 watt sub is the peak power, they will easily (and most often do) work with less watts per channel. For example if I have two 100w speakers and power them with an amp that has 160w per channel, I'm not sending all 160w to them at once. Depending on my volume set, I'm sending a fraction of the 160w. As I increase the volume the more watts I send. So unless I set my volume to the max, I really wont blow my speakers. The reverse will also work, same speakers driven by an amp with 25w per channel. I'll just have to turn the volume up to get the same level of sound.

    In your system the amp is in the subwoofer so you will have no issues driving the speakers and the sub plugs into an AC outlet.
  2. Like CT said if you see 210 watt sub thats the max it will use what you really need to look at is RMS power I have seen amps rated to 1000watts but would only put out like 250 watts RMS.
  3. Thanks for the info guys...........much appreciated!!!!
  4. one more thing guys.............i seem to be using a 650watt smps...........and it seems to work fine with the 600watt UPS..........but i doubt it would work when playing games like crysis................because thats the time the Graphics card(4870x2) draws maximum power i guess.

    what do you say?
  5. First of all, why do you want to power your speakers from the UPS?

    Main purpose of a UPS is to give you time to save everything you are working on when there is a power failure. Plugging more electronics into a UPS will just decrease the amount of time you have before the UPS goes dead.

    A 4870X2 needs about 20 - 22 amps (240 - 260 watts). Figure 120 watts max for an OC'd CPU. 40 watts for 4 GB of RAM, 25 watts for a motherboard, and 100 watts for 3 hard drives and an optical. Equals about 500 watts. At 80% efficiency, you'd be pulling a little over 600 watts from the wall.

    Even if you were at full load the instant you lost power, I think you'd be OK. I wouldn't waste time saving my files though. :)
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