3TB external hdd drive guarantee void if taken out of the enclosure ??

I'm going to buy a 3TB hard drive.

Here is the cheapest i found

220$ for 3TB caviar green

however, i found a cheaper price but it is an external HDD

180$ for hitachi external 3TB hdd

i'm going to use this drive in a NAS so i don't need an external HD... But if the Hitachi one is cheaper, i would just buy it, take out of the external enclosure and then hook it up in my NAS

Now i am wondering, what happens if my 3TB drive breaks and i need to RMA it ?? Will i void the drive's guarantee if i take it out of the external enclosure ?

I used to own an Iomega 1TB external HD and i tryed to take the drive out of the enclosure but there was a sticker saying it would void guarantee

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  1. It should void the warranty, at least on the enclosure. Not sure about the drive, if the S/N is linked somehow to the whole product, I'm sure they won't support it if it fails outside the case. Only way to know for sure is to read the product documentation or contact the vendor.
  2. most likely it'll void the warranty on the entire device. Companies don't want to repair/replace a device that you may have broken outside of normal use.

    The only way I could see you not voiding the warranty is if Hitachi intentionally built the enclosure to be taken apart so the end user could swap out drives.
  3. I'll tell you about my experience with a WD 1TB NAS, the MYBOOK. It has a regular cheap WD Green drive in it. Well, the device failed and was no longer accessible over the network. Obviously, I needed that near 1TB of data on the thing. I took it out of its enclosure, but it was not a simple task of simply attaching a sata cable and power and pulling the data off. I managed to save a few files using R-Studio's recovery software. I would just get the bare drive. I can't speak for Hitachi's enclosures, but the WD enclosures appear to use different firmware and made it an absolute pain to attempt the recovery. Once I got what I could off of it, I put it all back together after writing 1s about 7x to it, and returned it to Best Buy. Luckily, I had 1 day left of the manufacturer's warranty so BB authorized a simple swap for a new 1TB NAS. Point is, you'll almost always be better off with the bare drive if you should ever have the misfortune of needing to recover files from a defunct drive.
  4. Ok thanks, i ended up paying $40 more and get an internal HDD, i don't want to risk voiding my guarantee
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