Need help with my Lian Li Armorsuit PC-P80

My door went off one day, falling to the ground, and it ripped out the power cords.
I need one helper with the same case, who can take a picture of this:

Open up the door, and at the bottom you have a thin and long cover. Unscrew the two screws, and take a picture like the one I have.
As you can see in my picture, there is missing one of those white things. There should be three holes, but only two wires, one red and one black. I don't know where to put the red or the black wire, and that's why i need a picture.

Thanks :)
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  1. Not sure what part is damaged but being damaged I wouldn't recommend you replace it yourself because something can go wrong, I think buying another part is the safer route here.
  2. If I know where the red wire should go, and where the black wire should go, it's not very hard. It's just to do it, and that's that.
    And these parts are not for sale so. I just need a picture.
  3. There must be someone out there with the same case ?
    I've tried to get help from the shop I bought it from, but they won't reply on my emails. I've tried contacting Lian Li also, and they wont reply either. I tried several other forums, where I know many of them have this case, and not a single person want to help.
    Can't understand that this should be so hard with something that takes a total of 30 secs. In the end I guess I will just throw it in the garbage, and buy a new case(WITHOUT a door).
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