CPU Overheating - BIOS problem?

Hello all,

I recently reinstalled windows due to a virus infection. After doing so, every time I restart I get a message saying that the CPU has overheated. I then press F1 to continue and everything seems fine after that. I used the original drivers / software that came with the MB (Asus P5KC). Is there maybe some setting that could be wrong in the BIOS? What could be causing this? Thanks to anyone who can help!
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  1. Did you check the temperature of your CPU in the BIOS or through Windows (by Asus Probe, SpeedFan, Everest, or some other similar monitoring software)?

    Maybe your cpu fan came loose, or you need to re-apply some Thermal Interface Material/Thermal grease.
  2. Does the message appear during the BIOS enumeration phase or after the BIOS POST screen ?

    If it is a BIOS-related message, maybe you should check BIOS fan control/temperature settings. It is also a possibility that the temperature sensors on the M/B have become defective. I think there should be a setting in BIOS to remove the (annoying) messages

    If it is a Windows-related message, I do not know whether Windows cares about cpu overheating.

    Do you think the virus may have written the message to MBR / MFT ?
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