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Watercooling newbie needs helps and suggestions please!

Im a watercooling newbie here, so I really need suggestions and helps from you guys please!

Im planning to have my build like this:

Asus Rampage IV Extreme
Intel 3930k
Crucial M4/Samsung 830 256GB SSD
Western Digital Green 3TB HDD
G-SKILL DDR3 1600 RipjawsZ 32GB 8GB*4 kit
Corsair AX850 Power Supply
Asus DC2T GTX670
NZXT Switch 810

So I am planning to do a cpu-only loop, and I have no idea what blocks/res/pump/rads/fans/fitting/tube/coolant that I should get
I had built a watercooling computer few years ago and that was a cpu-only loop, I was using ddc pump at that time.
I am on a budget so please suggest components that have great values, thank you very much!

So to begin with,

What block would you suggest for 3930k?
What is the best rad if I want to get a 360 to put it on the top of the 810case? I suppose a 60mm wont fit with push-pull setup, should I just use single sided fans or get a thicker one and single sided or get a thinner one and do a push-pull?
Is D5 still the best bump?
For res, is it better to use those 5.25 bay res(will I still have enough slots for my SSD and HDD if I do use those?) or the one that is a cylinder like and hang it in the middle of the case?
What fans have a good balance between noise and performance since I may leave my PC 24/7 in my bedroom. I was just using cooler master's fans back then.
Also I was using barbs and clamps but this time I would like to try compression fittings for better looking, what type of compression fittings should I get for my setup? And actually barbs vs compression which one is safer? I was told barbs are safer?
Tube shouldnt be a big problem since I will just follow the size of the fittings
What about coolant? Just distilled water? I am not the type of ppl who want fancy looks so UV or led things are not needed.

I am really sorry for so much question and I really, really appreciate for everyone who can help me! Please and thanks!
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  1. welcome to the forums newcomer, and a hearty welcome to the world of watercooling :)

    all those questions are answered in the watercooling sticky, located in my sig. Check it out, the sticky is quite self explanatory, but we can help in some info but first read it a couple of times. It looks daunting at first glance but read a few times and it'll make sense.

    Might also want to check out the build logs gallery thread and the gallery thread for inspiration on watercooling themes and some parts. There have been a few people pick almost the same parts and case as you.

    hope this helps :)
  2. I recommend you get a kit like the XSPC Raystorm 750 RS360 Water Cooling Kit or if you have the money EK-KIT H3O 360 HFX Cooling Kit.

    The kits come with everything you need for a cpu loop only and if you get the xspc d5 kit you can get a gpu block later on. They are great for people that are new to water cooling.
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    1.ek supermacy csq/xspc ray storm

    2.if you want a quiet build you should use rads that use low speed fans like the xspc rx or i can see that space is a problem you can get the thin rads like the xspc rs shouldnt use thin fans..they suck if you use them with radiators....use 25mm thick fans;...if space is a problem,dont do a push-pull setup..just install fans on one side....dont use thin fan push pull

    4.there are different kinds of pumps...if you pair up 2x d5's that would be the most extreme...the iwaki pumps are very powerful and literally overkill+they arent quiet...for single pump+quietness i suppose the d5 is the should use the bitspower top with the will provide better flow+you can use any fittings you will be fine with a d5 for your cpu only loop

    5.the reservoir depends on your a bay reservoir takes bay space and you want to install hard drives there,you will be good with a cylinder reservoir

    6.if you use a fan controller,you can control your fans and lower the speed down for quieter perforamnce and it depends on your rad..if you use rads like the black ice gtx you will have to use high speed loud fans..assuming that you will use low speed fans for quieter performance and that kind of rad,if you wantled's,i recommend the aerocool shark 120mm an slow them down by using the provided adapter,they are high in static pressure too..if you dont want led' can go with noise blocker low rpm fans...

    7.compressions are most common and imo definitely more secure than barbed fittings..

    8.yep,just distilled water+killcoils/pt nukes..

    i also recommend that you read the toms hw watercooling sticky..lutfij has already mentioned about it...

    hope it helps..:D
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