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Info: I have a pretty noobian question.
Ok, so the mother board I have is a (asus crosshair formula III mobo / AMD Athlon™ II X4 Quad-Core Processor) and I do believe the ram timings suggested to me were 7-7-7-20.

Q: I was wondering If I go with a 7-7-7-24, 7-8-7-24, or a 9-9-9-24, would I need to lower their timings in my bios/would it matter/ and if I don't change the timings will it lower my systems stability or speed?
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  1. Also, if I do need to change my timings, would it be better to change a lower timed RAM IE: 6-7-6-18, up to my 7-7-7-20 specs or drop a higher timed ram, IE: 9-9-9-24 down? Or should I just knuckle down and find a 7-7-7-20 timed RAM?
  2. Any and all help would be appreciated, as you can tell I'm pretty new to computers.
  3. Any changes done manually to the RAM timings will bring stability issues.. In most cases, the system will fail to boot.. 7-7-7-20 are good timings.. Tighter timings will probably give you more overclock headroom (no significant performance increase though) but it should be practised with caution.. You just can't set the timings and expect it to work..
  4. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    The basic thing about the RAM timings is that with a low CL u get better performance but u also need a high speed. IE: RAM 1600MHz with CL6 is much better that 2000MHz with CL9.

    Now, about ur specific RAM we need know the exact model that u have but bear in mind that u can't change the timings of the RAM as u want because the rig could be not stable.
  5. @Emperus: I'll keep that in mind, thanks. On a side note, I'm looking for stability over speed and am having trouble finding 7-7-7-20 timed RAM with good reviews. Allot of AMD users commenting on the products I see talk about how the RAM is made for Intel not AMD making it difficult to use for first time AMD builders.

    @ Saint19: Thanks for the welcome :).
    That's the thing, I haven't bought RAM yet and wanted to research and find the proper RAM to use so I get it right the first time.
  6. A good RAM comes with CL8 or less and 1.65V max.

    This G.Skill Ripjaws 1600 are very good for a fewer price.
  7. So it doesn't matter that it has a different timing or that it's made specifically for intell?
  8. What do u mean with different timing?
  9. the Ram timings suggested to me for my Asus MOBO and AMD CPU were 7-7-7-20. So should my RAM match 7-7-7-20, go below 6-7-6-18, or above 9-9-9-24. Does that even really matter and should I go with AMD specific RAM? (Money isn't an issue)
  10. RAM above 9 isn't very good.

    The AMD specific RAM is just a commercial idea and usually doesn't works fine and is more expensive.
  11. Alright thank you. one last question I'm not planning on OCing my system I just want it to run a little above average and be stable, would it be better to go with a lower MHz RAM or just stick with 1600MHz?
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    1600MHz is OK, u can run it to 1333MHz or below for a OC without problems.
  13. Sounds good, thanks mate.
  14. Your welcome bro, we are here to help u.
  15. The rest of my build is now in the mail :) I'm excited. I hope the week of research pays off. This was the last piece of the puzzle holding my order back. Will deleting the flag on this thread signify problem solved or somthing?
  16. Just press the button that says "Select as best answer" and the thread will be marked as solved.
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