Did a bios update after that nothing appers on mt screen

hi my name is chanuka.i have a p5k mbo.since last month i had a probml with my p5k it was when i turn my pc on i get some thing call "cpu u code ladding error".so i was seaching for a soluction for this.finally i did a bios update using 603 bios by asus update software last night.after flashing my bios my cpu got restart and after getting on there was notting in my monitorr :o and i tryied restaring my cpu 4/5 times bt it was the same.so i remove my cpu and removed my ram sticks and again i turnd my cpu on.bt no beep sounds and nothing....so i tried resetin my bios but the same problm is there!!!!!!!!!!!!!im relly gone mad with my pc these days!!!!!i think there is some thing to get my pc back properly.please help me any one im begging u plzzzzzzzzzzz :cry:
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  1. Did the BIOS update go smoothly? BIOS update is risky. It may damage the motherboard if not done properly. Looks like it may the case for you. Try resetting you BIOS and boot. Check your mobo manual for that.
  2. Did the BIOS update go smoothly? BIOS update is risky, if it doesn't get updated properly it may kill the mobo. Try resetting your BIOS and boot. Check your mobo manual for that.

    EDIT: Man... I cant see my own posts. That's why posted it again and now i see two replies. Sorry man.
  3. 1. Have you pulled the CMOS battery out. If not, pull it out, do the "clear cmos (usally envolves shorting two pins) then leave sit for 10 Min. While it is sitting, reseat the 20/24 Pin and the 4/8 Pin and reseat the video card and any power connectors on the video card.

    2. Whith cpu, video card installed, one stick of RAM (Make sure it is in the recommended slot. Power up. If no video, watch (listen) to see if the computer is tring to boot off of the HDD, does the Floppy light flash (if installed). If no video and no indication of Disk activity, Most likely you are hosed (sorry). If you do have "activity, with no video, there is an outside chance you can recover, but need to email MB Manuf. for "How to recover, with no video." Basically it is to have a bootable device, ie DVD, thumb drive, floppy that is configured to auto run a bios flash.

    If you have no "activity" indicating that your system can access a floopy, or usb port, or dvd rom. you olly option to recover from a "failed" bios update is to return it to the Manuf to replace the Bios ROM chip. Kind of wished they still used socketed CMOS Chips.
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