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So I am upgrading my system, not spending a whole lot but better then what I have. Curious to know which is better for mild gaming (NFS Undercover, Call Of Duty 4 and older game). For the same price I can go with a Core2Quad Q8200@2.33Ghz and 2 Gb DDR2 Ram or a Phenom II X4 940@3.0Ghz and 4Gb DDR2 Ram. This system will be paired with a Radeon HD5770. I am also running WinXP but may upgrade to Win7 (Have it installed in a laptop, have 2 copies). So will the AMD 940 be better? it's faster and there will be no O/Cing the system. Power consumption is an issue, only have 550 Wt that comes with system and my current enermax 375Wt won't be able to push the VC. Thanks For the Input
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  1. Both CPUs will perform very well in gaming although I would be tempted to go for the Phenom Ii chip for two reasons:

    1. It has a much higher clock speed than the C2Q you mentioned so will perform better in games. Most games don't fully take advantage of all four cores YET so the higher clock speed will be a big plus.

    2. You said you are on a budget and you can get great performance for a lower price by going with AMD.

    If you have a good 550W PSU then you should be fine, particularly if you aren't overclocking :) Good luck!
  2. thanks, actually the AMD system has a 3 year guarantee with it and the Intel system is 1 Year, both have 500Gb Sata2 with 32Mb cache Hard drive. Intel comes with Xblade case, AMD comes with a standard case
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    its a bit late so i'm sorry i cant go into this much... but from this,review-31815-7.html i can say that the AMD system is a better choise... CPU looks to perform better, more RAM, more warranty... if the price is the same or even just a bit higher... its a no brainer go for the AMD ;)
    as said before you should have no problems with the 550 Watts your power supply can give you ;)
    if the case is really lousy leave one panel off and buy a new one in a few months... i've actually been looking into cheap cases and i've found the Thermaltake V3 to be a very nice choise for you to upgrade later on ;) just take into account that its a small case if your thinking in eventually upgrading your card for something bigger you should look into a bigger one like an Antec 300 or something ;)
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