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Hey Guys,

I recently built my new high end gaming pc and I got i7 3770k and the H100 cooler. On idle my temps are around 25-30 degrees and on prime 95 around 50-55 degrees no overclock, i am using the intel graphics until i get my 670 so are these temps alright? Would the intel graphica also bump up the cpu temp because there on same chip?
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  1. yes

    even if you turned off the gpu on the 3770K, it'd be used by virtu mvp. those temps are fine. If you're running the stock fans on the cooler.

    before I can give the *final verdict*

    whats your full system specs?
    what is your ambient temps?
    what fans are you using?
  2. CPU: i7 3770k
    RAM: 32GB G Skill 1600MHZ
    COOLER: H100 with 2 stock fans, going to buy 4 cougar fans and run push/pull.
    MOBO: Asus p8z77 Deluxe V
    CASE: NZXT Switch 810
    PSU: 850w silverstone strider gold
    SSD: 2 x Vertex 4 128gb
    HDD: 2 x WDD Buisness 1tb
    GRAPHICS: Using HD 400 on cpu until my gtx 670 comes

    Ambient temps is like 22 degress, using stock fans, and yeah my temps are ranging from 20-30 atm :)
  3. get the corsair SP120's, in the form of 2 dual packs. they will perform better on this particular cooler.

    * yeah your in a good range. But give it some time, the burn-in time for those TIM's will result in a further 2~3'C drop on idle and maybe 6'C on load.
  4. Thanks man, ill get 4 Corsair sp120's, can you explain how push/pull looks? Does th bottom fans on h100 rad push air out of case and ones on top suck?
  5. go to the watercooling sticky in my sig and follow the closed loop cooler subsection, details all you need to know.
  6. I would do more research on the corsair SP120 fans before purchasing if I were you. Those fans while having very good static pressure but it has it's own trade off (ie noise level due to high RPM). If you are one of those who hate noise, think twice before you buy those Sp120. Cougar fans you mentioned has very good airflow, good static pressure (although not as good as th SP120 one) but has much lower noise level.

    If you run push/pull set up, the noise problem will be even worse. Besides, if you run push/pull, there is no need to sacrifice noise to achieve absolute high static pressure for each individual fan because in contrast to push or pull, in a push/pull set up, even an average static pressure fan is ok because you got 2 of those to do the work instead of 1 and the combine static pressures of 2 fans in push + pull will certainly be more than enough, especially in the thin radiator such as Corsair H100.

    Having said that, if you opt to go push/pull set up, I would rather choose a quiet fan such as Cougar Vortex or Scythe Gentle Typhoon to achieve the same effects as the very high static pressure fans with loud noise. Note that with thin radiator like Corsair H100, the cooling performance is saturated once you reach a certain level of air flow/static pressure, so no matter how much more air flow/static pressure you increase once you reach that saturation point, the cooling performance will NOT go up much further.
  7. hmmm, yeah your right about the saturation point, thanks jacknhut, willneed to do a revision of the CLC section of the watercooling sticky for fans an info on saturation point. :)
  8. They actually aren't that loud....I've got both the stock Corsair H80 (same as H100) fans and the SP120's in my system. I'll make a vid....

    That's one of the few times you guys get to hear me. :P
  9. the temps are fine...
  10. :lol: amuffin, ever thought of lending your voice to game developers :D :) speaking of which - just barely contained in my seat for my Limited Edition Warfighter copy to arrive :)
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