Quick transfer of files from one usb drive to another

Hi guys,

Whats the fastest way to transfer data from one USB drive to another,
I need to transfer 150 GB of all kind for files.
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  1. Plug one into a usb port and plug the other into a usb port. Open up my computer, select the files you want to copy. Drag and drop.

    Currently doing the same with 232 GB worth of video I just finished in Premiere. The bottleneck is your USB port (USB 2.0) or your hard drive (USB 3.0)

    The only way to speed up USB 2.0 is if you have 2 controllers on your board. Plug one drive into one and the other into the second. But that's all you can do.
  2. The easiest way is to plug them both into the same computer and copy from one drive to another. If they're USB 3.0 drives and the computer has USB 3.0 ports, that's also pretty much as fast as you'll be able to do it.

    But if the computer or drives are only USB 2.0 then it will take longer. If they're large files so that the drives don't have to do a lot of seeking, then you can expect it to take around 70 minutes or so (at a transfer rate of 35MByte/sec).

    You can make the transfer go faster if you remove the drives from the enclosures and connect them directly to the SATA ports in your computer, but it will probably end up taking just as long when you include the time for disassembling, connecting up the drives, and then putting it all back again when you're done. And if you have 3TB drives you'll probably run into problems since the USB chipset in the external drives will likely be doing some sort of block remapping that will prevent the file system from being recognized properly when you connect the drives directly.
  3. Thanks guys,
    I'll do just the same.
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