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im using a Radeon HD 3650, and my main concerne is with Microsoft Flight Sim X. im looking for a $200 card or under that i can use in my tri core amd phenom for Optimul performance. and my attention is on the Ati "Asus" Radeon hd 5770, because my motherboard is asus, so i figure its more compatable, with this card im using i get mediocre quality at medium settings. this is the game however im gonna be playing the most as an amateur pilot. Ive read lots of good things about this card the 5770 for the price, and am about to buy, its a gamble i know... can anyone help me out if this will be a significant diferance from my 3650, or is there another card around the same price i should be looking at? id apreciate any feedback!
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  1. About being ASUS,it's not important,you can use other manufactures too(Although ASUS is a good brand)
    About HD 5770,its a very good card and it will be a significant upgrade for a HD 3650,go for it
  2. I play and enjoy FSX, I can tell you from personal experience that the game is more processor bound than video. For FSX specifically you won't see a huge improvement going to a 5770, a cheaper card will yield the same improvement over the 3650. But a processor upgrade... may help quite a bit.

    I went from a Q6600 at stock 2.4Ghz and a G92 core 8800GTS 512 at about 30 FPS to overclocking my Q6600 to 2.8GHz and went to about 40FPS with the same settings in game. Which is basically 2x AA, medium for just about everything except for traffic, had all that set to about 15%.
  3. yo, what i done i never thought about it, but i always thought 20 frames..The Deafault, was the recomended setting, i left it there, after reading these posts, i turned fps up, and realizing i have 8.3+ , and that 3650 radeon 1 gig, i just turned fps up and i get great visuals, and gameplay as well. i just thought the direct x 11 would make it look insane but it prolly wouldnt make much of a differece. what u guys think? also i have 3 gigs of ddr2 i max out at 4, so if i get 4 gigs of ddr3.... would it improve my graphics? also i can upgrade it to 3 right? i mean if u can use ddr2 u can use 3 right plz write some input ! Thanks Bonz :D
  4. Going from 3GB to 4B won't make much of a difference,because as i said the most important factor for FSX is CPU.
    Also you can't use DDR3 on your motherboard if it supports DDR2,because DDR2 and DDR3 aren't compatible with each other
  5. Quote:
    Generally speaking the difference between the 3650 and 5770 is huge. However make sure it isnt bottlenecked by the processor, you may have a tri-core but is it a good tri-core, you need to be more specific about your processor. Which exact model name/number is that tricore and which motherboard are you using.

    yes, im using an Asus M3A78-EM- Board and as far as Chip- AMD Phenom X3 8650 (11.5 X 200.9 MHZ) 4 gigs now of ddr2 and now im using radeon 3650 but am gonna get 5770 if it will be better. BTW is asus, saphire, or diamond, xtf wich is best version???
  6. also i was thinking direct x 11 would look nice!!!!
  7. also i figure with the great improvment in video, even tho its cpu based fsx, having a high end vid card must make things look better, maby not run smoother but look more realistic right????
  8. Nope. How realistic a game looks is dependent on the game engine itself, not the video card*. Of course, the more realistic it looks, the more demanding it tends to be, and therefore it requires a better video card to play smoothly.

    Oh, and since you have a fairly slow tri-core, you would get more gain switching to a fast quad than you would by swapping video cards. Since it appears your board supports the 45nm PhII processors, you might look into getting a Phenom II 955 instead of a new video card.

    *So long as your current card supports all of the graphics features in the game. If the game supports DX11 and your card supports DX9, you will get a visual boost with the new card because of the new features supported. Note also that there will be no improvement from a DX9 card to a DX11 card as far as image quality is concerned if your game only supports DX9. In your case, with FSX, DX10 is supported, but nothing higher. Since your 3000 series card supports DX10 already, you won't get any image quality gain from DX11, since the game doesn't use it.
  9. An upgrade to a 4670 or something like that probably would help a bit, it would be a cheap but significant upgrade from your old card since the 3650s were really weak. Past that the cpu would probably be the main limitation like everyone says.

    So what you could do is get a cheap cpu upgrade and a cheap gpu upgrade, that way you get a bit of a boost all around :]
  10. Thanks for all the help guys, just wha i needed what i am going to do is sell 3600 to a dude for 35 and procecor for whatever i get on e-bay, and in the mean time have ordered a Phenom II X4 955 and take me like a week and get the 5750, that chip would fit this mother-board right? and thanks for the help man! Bonz ;)
  11. AMD Black Edition - AMD Phenom II X4 3.2 GHz Processor and a 5770 is what im ordering...will this processor fit? the motherboard specs Asus M3A78-EM- just needa know and im ordeering this and the 5770.....thanks for replys
  12. Hey guys, bad news, my motherboard doesnt support the phenom 2 only phenom x4 but not phenom 2 x4 but someone told me i could use a phenom 2 x3 but would that help me allot? i mean im already on phenom x3 aonly diff would be the 2 in the phenom..... also the 5770 hd radeon im getting is that ddr5 ram...how will this affect my ddr2 sytem? anything would help
  13. It does not look like it will work with that either.


    When I looked up Phenom II x4 and x3's, both ask for a AM3 socket, where that board is AM2+/AM2. When I looked around, it appears the advantage of the AM2+ is that it will work with CPU's designed for AM2+ and AM2 sockets, but not AM3.

    Maybe there is something I have not read, let me know if you know.

    It will work with Phenom FX / Phenom / Athlon 64 FX / Athlon 64 X2.
  14. That's cool, so the difference between AM2+ and AM3 is in the bios mostly.
  15. The pin alignment on AM3 motherboards prevents one from putting a AM2/AM2+ processor i.e. a Athlon X2 64 in a AM3 motherboard successfully without damaging the processor. However the pins on AM3 CPUs i.e. the Athlon II and Phenom II was designed to still physically fit in a AM2/AM2+ motherboard as well as a AM3 motherboard Also, the AM3 CPUs i.e. Athlon II and Phenom II have both DDR3 and DDR2 controllers built into the processors which is why it works in the older AM2 and AM2+ motherboards. SO WHATS MY BEST BET?can i go phenom 2 or no? http://usa.asus.com/Search.aspx?SearchKey=m3a78-EM on bottom of features sys supports phenom 2 and latest quad core
  16. I also d this http://www.amazon.com/XFX-5770-Express-Graphics-HD577XZNFC/dp/B0030L1BPO/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1263097194&sr=8-2 video card...should kick some rear....bwin ddr5, tho will i need to get more ram??
  17. since its 8 gigs to flash on MB will i need to get the flash hardware?
  18. ok i understand ordered the xfx 5770 tho since i had a amazon gift card..what would be a good game to try first im thinkin that left for dead 2 since its brand new, its the zombie killing game...lol at least i think it is left for dead 2.... anyways i will need help flashing when the time comes problly about 2 weeks.... card will be here monday or tuesday! But with the ddr5, i can still run without ddr 3 right? im using 5 gigs of ddr2 and about to get a 2 gig pny stick, my motherboard maxes at 8 but it says with windows 7 vista or 64 bit xp i can max it at 16? is this possible really?
  19. ok thanks man, video card will be in soon and im half way to saving for the phenom 2...im getting the "black" seriese because it says it is good for ati cards and better video with ati somehow...but thanks for the help and when i get the CPU i will reply and u can hopefully help me with the firmware! Thanks man Shawn
  20. yea i read that in an article. i got my 5770, nobody told me this thing is like 10x bigger than any card i have ever saw! lol ne wayz ive been strapped on cash lately and have not got that x4 chip yet. I am impressed tho with 5770. Just wondering , I need someone that knows a little about the ATI Overdrive. in the catalyst.... if the temperature with manual fan and manual clocks is at 34 c , ( I have it up to 925 out of a possible 960 for the gpu clock, and 1345, of a possible 1445, and the fan is set to 65%.) Are the best settings for this based on the temp while running 100% activity, or is this a bad setting already? I have an ectra fan,and case is situated on the floor with open side for optimal cooling. Id apreciate if you guys could help me with this! I dont wanna burn this sucker up, but also want best performance from it! Bonz
  21. ok guys no reply for a while the 5770 is working great, and phenom 2 x4 is on the way! im still looking for the article i read the black seriese of the cpu is bettering the ati gpus...i formated and lost the link, just plz reply guys because i will soon need to install my new cpu and im looking at a copper heat vent with a fan on it for heat sinc, i have a big heatsinc on tri core alrdy but i know it gets very hot already so im looking at the copper heat pipe + put a fan on the top of it, any suggestions would be great! Also im gonna need some help over clocking it JUST A LITTLE buyt with the heat pipe, i should be able to open it up allot more, but dont wanna chance it! Also if copper heat pipe and a large fan or if i need to get an alternative source of heat reliefe because i dont know much on the copper heat pipes.... PLZ RPLY im getting emails saying this thread is done so lets keep it alive guys please cuz all of u have helped me a great deal.
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