Bios no beep but system starts

My bios has stopped emitting a beep tone during post but appears to start properly. Also, every once in a while the system starts on it's own. I've read that both of these problems could indicate a faulty power supply. Is there a way to check if the power supply is bad?
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  1. It could also mean that the speaker is faulty or not connected properly.. Are you experiencing any sudden restarts or system hangs or other similar anomalies.?
  2. a faulty PSU would usually make a system shut down, not start up...

    my first thought on the lack of a beep would be that the beeper has stopped working. not sure about the start ups though
  3. System speaker seems to be connected properly start, run, cmd, ctrl+g causes beep. System hangs every now and then but not often enough to mention.
  4. Can be the PSU or just a short between the mobo and PSU. If u can test the rig with another PSU for at least one day.
  5. Don't have another PSU to test with. Where do you suppose the short could be? checked all the cables and none seem to be disconnected nor loose.
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    Between the mobo and case.
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