POST - Continuous beeps - Power error.

I'm in the process of building my first pc, have it all together (fine I think)but when I turn it on I get continuous, short beeps. My motherboard says this is a power error, are there any things I might have done to cause this? Can I fix it?

It's making me a little worried.
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  1. Is it booting to the OS?

    Anyway, with the power cord disconnected, re-check all your front panel connectors (power/reset/hdd/etc.) and power connectors to make sure they are properly seated: 24-pin, 4 or 8-pin, cpu fan, GPU, HDDs, and cd/dvds. Then re-connect the power cord and power-on. Still beeping?
  2. No, haven't got the OS on it yet. It's just turning on and then 5 seconds later doing continuous fast beeps.

    I've just made sure all the connectors are in properly (case and mobo colours don't match though!) and I'm still having the problem. The pci-e power connector is in the gpu fine, both power cables to the mobo are in firmly and to be sure I've disconnected the HDD and DVD drive.

    ANy other suggestions?
  3. I'm having the exact same problem, so I'm bumping this!
    My setup is:
    Intel Core i5 750 prosessor
    4GB OCZ 1400mhz memory
    PowerColor Radeon HD 5850
    Chieftec CFT-650-14CS (650W PSU)
    Western Digital 1TB HDD
    Some random Sony dvd burner.
  4. The first step in troubleshooting this type of problem is to perform EVERY step in the READ before posting about boot problems! sticky at the top of the forum. Check back after performing all the steps in the checklist.
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