Need advice on fans and a fan controller

I am replacing the stock fans in my HAF 932 adv case.

Here are the fans I am looking at

And the controller

Just looking for any advice, the horror stories for some of the controllers are kind of discouraging. Also I am only going to replace the top 230mm fan with 2 120mm, then i will replace the 230mm side fan with 4 120mm fans. Is this overkill?

I just put in a brand new Nvidia 690 and its temps have been fine once I replaced my MSI afterburner with the precision tool that came with it(looks like the same program with a different interface but I am guessing it is designed specifically for the 690 and the fan profiles are more customized) I have yet to O/C it though. Also have my 2500k running at a modest 4.3ghz o/c.
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    The fan controller came up but the fans did not and the fan controller is a good one. The one thing that you want to consider is noise level , those 200mm and 230mm fans do not make a lot of noise , they push the air but they are pretty quiet. I have the HAF-X and it has 2 of the 200mm and 1 of the 230mm and I actually prefer them to the 120 and 140. You can stay with those big fans and they will cool the case just fine , the main job of the case fans is to keep the ambient temp inside the case cool and lots of fresh air for the fans on the devices.
    A 120mm fan will have to spin a lot faster and thus make more noise to push the amount of air those big fans do. You will find out that the only thing that your adding to the case is noise by thaking two out and putting six in. You can still get the fan controller to use for those big fans. My case stays just fine with the 230mm , two 200mm and the rear 140mm.
  2. Never thought about it that way but it makes sense. Right now they are just plugged into the PSU and I guess they run on a default speed? Maybe I will just put in the fan controller and stick with the stock fans, would it be able to handle the bigger fans?
  3. You can find a lot of different controllers and some are rated for 30w so those would have no problem with the bigger fans. When you plug fans directly into the psu they run at 100% speed , with a fan controller you can slow that down a bit.
    That case also has a spot for an internal fan to be placed to blow directly onto the video cards and that can hold a 120mm fan that is attached to the hard drive rack.
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