Hi guys
im trying to increase the cpu fan speed on my pc.... im using a pentium G620 on a gigabyte GA-H61MA-D2V mobo.... however when i enter speedfan and configure and then advanced and select the cpu fan ( all my case fans are molex ) it appears next to the pwm1 ( which is the only pwm contolled fan ) a entry marked "value : smartgaurdian"
i dont want to set this to manual just yet until i understand what smartgaurdian is ......
basically with the current spate of very hot weather ( 25c outside temp..even hotter inside ) my pentium G620 is running at 36c idle and 49c load ... and when i check speedfan the cpu fan speed is only 27% ....
after reading the mobo manual the only option open to me to increase the cpu fan speed from the bios is to set it to "disabled" which would make the cpu fan run at maximum ( im using the intel stock cooler )
is it safe for me to manually adjust the cpu fan speed in speedfan ... or do i need to disable any settings in the bios..... ?
basically i only built this pc last weekend and im still getting used to the much improved eifi bios and its mouse control... however compared to the asrock g41m-gs mobo i was previously using the gigabyte bios has around 75% more options
any advice will be much appreicated
cheers guys
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  1. i've never once gotten speedfan to work proper, those are great temps anyways... i would just leave it as it is
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