Boot SSD + SRT enhanced HDD's in raid 1?

After poking around for a while I have not found the answer to a question that should be right in front of me. So I came here to see if anyone here might be able to gibe me an answer.

All the information I found around refereed to the SRT setup as the boot drive. I looked around some more and found nothing referencing the SRT setup as being used as an enhanced storage drive.

The setup I was speculating on was using an ssd as the boot drive (windows + programs + choice media, games, etc.) Then using an SRT setup to make a pair of HDD's in raid 1 a bit more peppy. The other issue that imediately comes to mind is if it is worth the $50-60 and trouble to try & implement the aforementioned setup.

I hope that someone might be able to give me a clue or at least point me in the right direction.
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  1. I don't think it's worth the money. The ISRT drive works as a cache which means that the drive will intelligently store the most frequently used data gets moved to the SSD so that it gets the speed boost provided by the faster drive. This is useful for a boot drive because the files that Windows uses to run are used far more often than the rest of the files on the boot drive meaning that those files get the speed boost. However, in a mass storage drive there is not generally a small fraction of the drive that gets used more often than the rest, meaning that the boost provided by the cache will be more scattered and there will be a lot more time spent moving files between the HDD and the SSD.
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