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Hey all,

I have a dell xps720 with a 1000k psu unit. recently, my 8800gt videocard was fried, I tried my friend's 8800gt and it got fried also. The computer guy at the store gave me a older ATI card which does not require the connector from the psu and it's been working fine for me so far.

The computer guy told me that if i wanted to get another videocard later on that I should use the other connector from the psu unit and it would be fine. does this make sense at all? if it does then I'm not sure which connector I used for the old card that got fried, there's a p3 and a p4. I'm guessing it's the p4 since it look dustier.

What the computer guy suggested, does it make sense? And if it does, should i assume that the p4 connector was never used and i should use it?

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  1. Okay, can u give us the detail about your PSu?
    Also what card are u want to get?
  2. ^ It might be that the power connector would have shorted out, causing the graphic card to fail...
    And no one here can tell which connector to use apart from the type of the connector -
    So you would have to check for yourself which one was being used...
  3. wa1, it's a dell psu, sorry i don't know much about them but it's the default one in the dell xps720, and i want to get ATI 5770 or any 5 series.

    gkay, thanks, i just needed to know if that's possible, so there is the possibility that the power connector can cause it? I really can't tell which connector I used before, I just notice that p3 is clean and p4 is dustier so im assuming I was using p3. But usually when they assemble computers would they normally use the p3 connector for a single videocard?
  4. ^ Not can use either of the connectors if only 1 6-Pin is required...And from what you are saying, even I feel that the p3 was being used...but not sure though...
    How old is the PSU ? Hopefully the 12V rails have not gone bad as these result in the card failure also as the p3 and p4 are powered by these rails...
  5. I see, the psu is 2 yrs old. if i have to replace it, how much will it cost and which brand should i get? I just need it for a hd 5770
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    ^ Well not necessarily the PSU would have gone bad...I would suggest you try testing with a cheapo card first before using the HD 5770 to be on the safer side...

    And for a HD 5770, a quality 500W PSU from Corsair/ Antec/ Seasonic/ Silverstone/ PCP&S/ CM Real Power/ CM Silent PRO would do...
  7. k thanks alot :)
  8. ^+1
    Just like gkay said... :D
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