Problems overclocking unlocked sapphire 6950 2gb dirt 3 edition

Hey guys I've got a sapphire 6950 2gb with unlocked 6970 shaders and I was using Sapphire Trixx to overclock my card, or so I thought. I was using a very dated version of Sapphire Trixx, and soon noticed that it was underclocking my card and it never actually kept my overclock settings after a while. I noticed this after playing bf3 and watched as instead of getting 60-70 frames on high I was getting 40-50. Anyway, I updated sapphire trixx and am now completely lost. It gives me settings for power board Li (which I have no idea what that is) and VDDC which I am guessing is the voltage. Now anytime I even increase the memory clock or gpu clock by a little, I get a blue screen and my computer shuts down. This is after trying to achieve an overclock of 880/1375 with 1.15 volts, which had worked fine before all my other problems started. So I tried again, and simply raised the two levels to 820/1275, and my computer got a blue screen again. Do I have to do something with the VDDC and Power Board Li which I don't know about? Should I not even overclock my card at all because the gains are minimal? If someone could help me out with this process that would be great. Thanks.
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  1. try re installing TRIXX, make sure it's the latest
  2. I reinstalled and made sure it was the latest version. I tried to play bf3 after OC to 875 and 1325 and I got blue screen right after opening bf3. I may just forget about OC, I don't want to break my card
  3. I'm having this EXACT SAME ISSUE!? PRevious OS I had unlock and overclocked with no problem.
    A few OS rebuilds latter I get a crash the second I apply my changes in TRIXX!!! ANY IDEAS?
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