Modding UPS

I have Tripplite SU1000XLA,which runs Delta Electronics DC Brushless 80mm fan...
It's NoiSy as HELL,the UPS does not have RPM\PWM control so the fan is running
full tilt 4000RPM constantly :fou:

I opened up the case today,and the fan is nestled in pretty tight around lots o'
components. I do have friend or two that may be more able than me,to switch "jet engine"
out for quieter fan.

I am looking at Noctua NF-R8:

Will this fan be safe alternative,to the "jet engine" Delta. The Noctua runs only 1800RPM,
yet puts out more airflow 53CFM vs. 46CFM.

Mainly I am worried about the Voltage and Amperage differences,Noctua=.11A,DELTA=.51A
I fail at electricity,but .40A difference looks like trouble...just hoping you guys can enlighten
me on what path to choose to quiet this beast.
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    Depending on the setup inthe ups you might be able to connect a fan controller like the one above to reduce the speed of the fan.
  2. inzone,

    I don't really wanna mess too much with internals of UPS,just need less noisy operating 80mm fan.

    Anyone with electrical background to chime in would be appreciated.

    Here is detailed specs of Delta Fan:

    It is the 80x80x25.4mm #AFB0812SH
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    If your wanting to change the fan to a less noisy one then you are messing with the internals of the UPS. I do have an electrical background and instead of removing the fan you can simply cut one of the wires going to the fan and connect this fan controller to it and slow the speed down to a less noisy level.
    If you would rather change the fan then you have to see how the fan is connected to the unit , is it wired in ot is there a three pin plug.
    Te Noctua fan you selected has half the rotational speed of the Delta and less hen half the noise , but the Noctus will move more air at the seed it has so you have to see if you can easily change out the fan.
  4. Sorry inzone for being so clueless in the matter at hand...I just assumed replacing the fan would be easier,but upon analyzing your suggestion further,it seems using fan controller is better fix. However I am still in doubt,as lower RPM will decrease CFM therefore causing possible overheating...hmmm I will have to weigh both options,before making any modification.
  5. Googled some customer reviews:
    Homemade MOD
    I bought one recently from another store, and it has worked well with my home theater. Now, for home is, it's unusable with the stock fan. I am not sure if it's hazard or not, but I too modded it to include a low noise fan. It can't provide the high pressure from the loud, high speed fan, as it's a low speed fan (but better surface) at around 27, not 36 in terms of max air displacement.

    If you are thinking of doing the modding, be careful, it's not as easy as I though, and it has risks for both you (be careful as it has a huge battery, even if not connected)and the UPS. Normal 3-pin fans will not work out of the box, and you'll need to either solder the new fan (form factor for the fan is the normal 80mm type) to the board, or do an ugly fix like I did (cutting the cables in the middle and joining them in the right order, as these use a different mapping for pin 1, 2, 3). If you do this, you'll also need to adapt the socket, as the one in the board is not the standard 3 or 4 pin. The holes are the same, but not the socket. I had to cut the back of the socket so that it would fit.

    Also, if you want to use a rubber screw, it will be difficult, due to lack of access to the lower part of the fan. So you might need to use the normal screws (which means a little bit more noise).

    Now, I am not using the 800 watts, but if I where, I'd be wary of doing any modding. I only see modding as a good option if you know what you are doing more or less, don't care about the warranty, and cannot do with the noise. I fall in that category, but again, it wasn't that easy. If you are going this route, I found the Gelid Solutions fans to be very very quiet yet having good flow.

    -By the way, what fan did you use? It seems this UPS doesn't accept fans with too low of an RPM, it makes the device fault and alarm.

    -Thanks for posting the information on modding the fan. It was a big help. I didn't realize that not only was the fan socket different, also the pinout (arrangement of wires) for the fan was also different.

    Going the FAN CONTROLLER route looks more tempting...I'll have to converse with my buddies to see what they prefer.
  6. Is there someplace you can put it so the sound isn't as loud?
  7. Not at the moment...with others having hard time modding fan,maybe I should look into that Fan Controller you mentioned a few quotes back.

    Another alternative I thought might work is using some "breatheable" yet sound dampening material to cover the intake\exhaust slots and fan area. Any tips on what material has those properties.
  8. I'm thinking that if you take a board or something like it and lean it aganst the top edge on an angle on both sides or just one if the vents are only one one side to deflect the sounf but not cover the unit.

    Another idea is to put some sound dampening material inside to absorb sound , if you have removed the cover to the unit you can see if there is any space in there to put something.
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