Evga ge force 8800gt 512mb pcle video card

I am building and need the above card but having problems finding it . Can you advise me to an equivalent or better card

Thanks MEL
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  1. Well equivalent or better would be 9800GTX+, 9800GT, HD4850.
  2. Resolution?
    Detail Comp specs?
  3. 8800GT 512mb = 9800GT 512mb They will not SLI together because of different BIOS.
    EVGA http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=2010380048%2050001402%20106792522%201067942536&name=EVGA
  4. Quote:
    GTX 260, GTX 275, HD 4890, HD 4870x2, HD 5850... All of those s***s all over 8800GT. Go for one of those instead

    Watch your language please.
  5. @ Nordhavnmel: Try E-bay, but be aware of the risks: Not everyone selling is as honest as us here at Toms;).
    Also, where are you?
    Also, why the 8800GT? Are you looking for one to SLI with a card you already have?
  6. Quote:
    key sorry man

    TVM. :)
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