3570k % asrock extreme4 OC help

i5 3570k
asrock z77 extreme4
212 plus evo cooler

Do you think i can hit 4.5 ? its at 4.2 ghz right now and prime for 2 hours without any problem. I wonder the temps are ok ? it jump from 60s to 70s sometime and the cpu fan set at 100% most of the time. Below is my setting in bios, tell me if i have to change anything. Thank you for helping.

heres my settings

spread spectrum - Disable
intel speedstep - Enable
intel turbo boost - En
additional turbo voltage - 0.004v
Internal PLL overvoltage - Dis
Gt overclocking support - Dis


Power saving - Dis
Cpu core Voltage - Offset
Offset voltage - +0.005v
Cpu load line - lvl 3
Igpu vol offset - auto
igpu load line - auto
Dram voltage - 1.5
Vtt voltage - Auto
Pch Voltage - Auto
Cpu PLL Voltage - auto
System agent Voltage - Auto

Picture with Temp ..etc..
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  1. i would stay where you are, your temps are pretty good atm
  2. hmm maybe i should. temps went up to 73 max at 4.2 , so at 4.5 it probably go up to 80s .
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    There is one thing that people have to remember about Ivy Bridge cpu's and that is that they are specificly designed to be a low power alternative to the higher voltage Sandy Bridge. Ivy Bridge 77w TDP and Sandy Bridge 95w TDP what this means is that Sandy Bridge can handle added voltage when overclocking while Ivy Bridge does not handle the added voltage as well. The result is that when overclocking the Ivy Bridge and you are adding voltage there comes a point where the added voltage cannot be handled very well and the cpu releasesd a large amount of heat that has to be dissapated in order to continue with a stable overclock and not damage the cpu. Since every cpu is just a bit different from another that voltage point will be different with each cpu chip.
    Right now your at a good place with the voltage and the temps and it won't be much more and you'll hit the heat build up point. There is an article that I have linked that was posted here at Tomshardware that will explain it further and the title is about the 3770k but it does include any Ivy Bridge cpu that is overclocked.
    The bottom line is that the Ivy Bridge is not as overclockable as the Dandy Bridge and it would be up to you if you want to continue so I would read the article first so you know more of what to expect and how to deal with it.,3198.html
  4. Turn off all 'C' states, that will help with stability. You dont really wanna go beyond 70-75 in temps. You could possibly hit 4.3, but I think 4.5 will be a bit of a stretch unless you wanna sink a $200-$400 custom water loop into your system.
  5. ^custom loops start at about 100 euro's actually
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