*Urgent help needed for new build!*

[New build]Need advice on <£900 rig please.
I have come up with the following parts for my new rig. I will be gaming on it(tf2,l4d2,mw2, should be able to play all games up to about 4 years?) and I want it to last long. Here's it is:
Phenom X4 955 BE
Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P
Gigabyte HD 5850
Corsair twinx ddr3
Corsair 650tx(the non-modular one)
Samsung SH-xxxxx-xxx DVD rw
Nzxt m59 case
Benq G2200HD Monitor (the e2200hd is now obsolete I think)
WD Caviar Black 500GB
Windows 7 home premium

This build bought from scan.co.uk costs roughly £914, I was previously going to get the RC, but now my computer has broken down, all I have is an xp os cd.

Please can you tell me if this build will satisfy my needs, and if not, please reccomend some parts to replace it.
I want to shave off about £50 hopefully, the only way I think I can do this is use my old xp cd. How would I go about upgrading from xp to windows 7 rc? Is it a risky process?

That's all,

(PS, the my primary problem is the parts, the os is more of a secondary objective - I am willing to spend the money if it is worth it)
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  1. In 4 years, it's likely that the computer will still be running.

    However, in 4 years, you probably will not be able to play the latest games (games released in 2013-2014) at high resolution without doing an upgrade or two.

    I'd say build it as is (with ares1214's suggestions), but plan on upgrading at least the GPU in 2 years. You may also want to add RAM at that point, depending on average system requirements for games.

    Luckily, the GPU and RAM are about the easiest parts to replace in a computer.
  2. +1, the most logical thing to do is to is to wait until it cant max most things out (my 4890 is getting close to that point @ 1920x1080, but it still has about a year before a upgrade is needed.) and do what i will do and xfire it. in 2 years, i would either get another 5850, or see hwo the other cards are.
  3. About the ram, I really can't afford to spend any more, in fct I wanted to decrease the price, so I don't think I can get premium ram like that.
    Also, about the monitor, I was thinking I could get one that's 20"-22", because I really don't want a giant monitor, because I feel like I have to use more of my periphiral vision ( I just moved up from a 19" ^^)
    And the Hard drive , it has 16mb cache as opposed to 32mb on the caviar black, would this make a difference in performance?
    Sorry for being annoying, it's just £900 is really a lot to me :)
  4. you can get win 7 key off ebay from 14.99+ if i did my conversion right that saves you about 40 pounds
  5. No, it doesn't work like that. :) prices are nearly the same numbers in pounds as they are in dollars, e.g something that costs $900 will cost nearly £900, even though the pound is worth nearly twice as much(I'm not sure though)

    Its not fair! :)
  6. As far as the question about hard drives, the Samsung/Seagate drives fit more data into fewer platters, meaning that the drive heads need to move less to read or write data, which results in faster access times. Average read/write times affect your actual perceived performance, while cache size will rarely affect your interaction with the OS.

    In short, the cache size doesn't matter.
  7. So the parts are okay? I'm going to order real soon now.
  8. I'm buying it NOW. I'm using the hard drive suggested, but I have read many good reviews for the monitor I chose before. The suggested ram is also too expensive for me, so I can't get that. Any last words? :D
  9. Actually, I've had some last-minute advice from freinds, and have changed my mind to ordering a different monitor. It's the viewsonic VX2260wm, so I'll beordering that tomorrow. I've already ordered the rest of the build btw.
  10. I need advice! :D
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