Disassemble AP-15

Anyone know how or have any guides on how to disassemble an AP-15/Gentle Typhoon? I want to change the color of the blades.
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  1. Just paint them!
    Have the fan on and spinning and take a paint brush with paint on it and just hold it there and let the fan blades brush against it.
  2. Trying it now!!
    Will post pics!
  3. I was kidding btw :P
    So seriously, I know with fans in the past there was a C ring you popped off. Anyone know if these are the same?
  4. hmm wouldn't you need some sort of coating as well if you are painting them? the last thing I would want is paint flaking off and going all over my case, not that it would be harmful, just the fans would look unsightly if the paint indeed flakes over time.
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