Need help with EVGA mobo.

i have an EVGA MOBO 133-k8-nf43 that turns on for about 1 or less and then back off. no beeps, nothing on screen. when it does power on a red LED in the top right of the MOBO stays on until power is unplugged. also when i start up the MOBO there is a indicator on the motherboard that flashes ff then shuts off. sometimes this flashes ff then 88 then off..... also under the PCI-e slot there is a green light.

we have tried a new power supply with no change

i have already pulled all the power off everything that i don't need. (disk drives, lights, floppy and so on) i have the Mobi power, HD power hooked up. any help? attached are some links to pics, and a Vid of whats going on.

i am sorry i do not know the specs of this computer as it is a friends computer...


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  1. anyone heard of this? or anyone have any t/s tips?
  2. Here's the manual. Check page 33 for error codes. Does your friend have the Driver CD that contains more detailed information about the codes.
  3. I've heard of certain motherboards they try to be extra "helpful" having warning indicator LEDs that will light up red next to a component that is malfunctioning. Not sure if this is one of those boards, but if so, that's in the area of the DIMM slots and main motherboard power cable.

    Honestly this does sound like some kind of power supply problem -- but you've essentially ruled out a dying power supply because you've tried two of them. Other things that come to mind are a) both power supplies were too small, b) something is not plugged in correctly, particularly a loose power connection to the motherboard, or c) the motherboard itself is going bad and power is not going where it needs to go. Knowing the system specs and the specs of those PSUs would really help.
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