Pc doesnt recognise external hard drive

I have an iomega external hard drive which is recognised as a device by my computer when I go into devices, but it is not there when I look at "computer". I want to back up files on to it. I am running Windows 7 32-bit. Please help.
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  1. See if it just needs a drive letter assigned, go into Disk Management, find the drive, right-click on it and assign it a drive letter. Sometimes Windows assigns a drive an already used drive letter, pick one that is not in use.
  2. Sorry, I was not clear: the drive appears in device manager under System Tools/Device Manager/Disk Drives, but it does not appear in the System Tools/ Storage/Disk Management section. I don't seem to be able to "tell" Windows that it is a storage device!
  3. Does it work with any computer at all? Try a new cable/port? If none of those work, the last resort would be to take out the drive from the case and hook it up directly to a PC. If that works, get another enclosure. This voids the warranty on the thing, so if it's in warranty, exchange it.
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