2 i7 motherboard

i am trying to run or at least find a motherboard that can run 2 Intel® Core™ i7 Processors Extreme Edition
can anyone help me out?
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  1. You need to look into the server boards and they will be running Xeon's not i7 EEs, same architecture different name.

    Here is a list of dual LGA1366 boards from newegg
  2. when you ask that question, i start to doubt you will ever use or require such cpu performance for whatever it is your doing with it - put it this way, it dont double your systems performance in most aspects.

    What do you intend to use it for?
  3. the client needs to run four 1GB video cards. he wants two i7 extremes, and two external 10/100/1000 Ethernet.
  4. It's going to have to be a server motherboard with Xeon cpu's.

    here ya go:

  5. What is he doing exactly that requires that much CPU power?
  6. You cannot have two i7s run together. If you really want two 1366 chips to be running on the same board, you need Xeon 55xx's.

    JohnnyLucky's board is perfect.

    FFR, this is about the only good-looking case on the market that will support SSI EEB:


  7. The "Hello,\n" threads never respond. It's always their first and last post and they always ask unclear questions like this. I'm starting to become suspicious.
  8. EVGA recently released a new dual xeon socket motherboard as well called "EVGA Classified Super Record 2 (SR-2) "


    Takes two Intel Socket 1366 (Xeon 5600/5500), supports up to 4 way SL. All of its slots are PCI-x16 though

    You can buy it directly from http://www.evga.com/products/moreinfo.asp?pn=270-WS-W555-A1

    I basically wet myself when I saw this...
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