GA MOBO + Ideal SATA Ports Settings (8 & 10 ports)

I've have seen a lot of opinions on SATA Port placement, and what "should" go where, but I also "realize" every build has its own tweaks/characteristics. I am open for discussion.

The following is an "A-Typical" placement:

SATA2_0 {Primary SATA2 HDD/SSD [if primary is SATA2] ; AHCI or [RAID(XHD) ~ RAID 0 or 1]}
SATA2_1 {Blank (single drive SATA2) [or] Matching SATA2 HDD/SSD for RAID 0 or 1} *
SATA2_2 {Blank or Data SATA2 [optional separate Data drive}
SATA2_3 {Blank Data (1 drive SATA2) [or] Matching Data HDD/SSD for RAID 0 or 1} *

SATA2_4 {Primary DVD/BR}
SATA2_5 {Blank DVD/BR (1 drive SATA) [or] Second DVD/BR}

GSATA3_6 {Primary SATA3 SSD/HDD [if primary is SATA3] ; AHCI or [RAID ~ RAID 0 or 1]}
GSATA3_7 {Blank (single drive SATA3) [or] Matching SATA3 HDD/SSD for RAID 0 or 1} *

GSATA2_8 {Case eSATA or "dock"}
GSATA2_9 {Case eSATA or "dock"}

*= allows for future RAID placement.

Can vs Should:
While many Gigabyte /{many} MOBOs can theoretically handle a [4-Drive] RAID array I do NOT recommend it, but instead I recommend a battery-backup DEDICATED RAID Controller. In addition, BIOS ~ I recommend AHCI <or> RAID (if RAID is used). If RAID(XHD) is used then the non-RAID drives will be AHCI for SATA2_x. eXtreme Hard Drive (X.H.D.) is not "as" recommended; use the proven Intel (R.S.T.) Rapid Storage Technology.

As of this post there currently exists VERY FEW SSDs that can break the >300 Mb/s SATA2 / device limit, and therefore I "A-Typically" recommend using SATA2 HDD/SSD as the Primary in most cases. I too realize large RAID 0 {5, 6, 10, etc} arrays are better served on dedicated, as described, RAID Controller. Note: while RAID 0 offers blazing fast speeds arrays larger than [2-Drive] are VERY RISKY for important data {1/2 Data = 0 Data ; 3/4 == 0 Data ; etc}, but very COOL for OS + Apps!

RAID Information/FAQ -
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  1. I have a ud3r board and currently have my front panel eSATA on the GSATA 2_8 port set to AHCI and my WD Caviar Blue 640GB SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" HDD connected to SATA 2_0 and my DVD burner on SATA2_4, these are set to AHCI as well. I plan on getting a Intel 80 GB X25M SATA II SSD for my OS and was wondering how I should hook it up and what settings I should put the SATA ports in?
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