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Okay well this is a weird problem that I been having. Let me start with what I have. It's a custom build, I am running a Asus P6T X58, intel i7-920 overclocked at 3.4, OCZ 6 gigs DDR3, two PNY gts 250's SLI setup, Seagate 1TB, Corsair 650watt PSU and windows 7 64bit.

Now on to my problem. I can run this system with no problems except when I hook both cards up in SLI. Both cards run fine alone in both PCIe slots. Now when I hook them up SLI I run into a BSOD upon Windows loading up. It goes to memory dump screen. Now its not everytime if I startup in safemode and uninstall the video drivers and then restart and install them it works untill I restart then I get the BSOD.

I have updated and even tried beta drivers. I am down to thinking it has something to do with the bridge connector or possible power.
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  1. Start looking at your psu to see if the volts are low.
  2. What kinda of numbers should I have? Also is there a program or something that shows realtime of voltage?
  3. I had to install a beta driver over the last stable one to my SLI to work. I am using 2 old 7600's though.
  4. Trust me I have updated and even overwritten drivers none of that is working.
  5. The voltage should at least be 11.35v to run at stock stable so any dip below that and you will have system crashes. First is the bios (power management or system monitor) then in os run speed fan or pcwizard.
  6. I contacted PNY by email and so far all they can tell me is not to use the SLI bridge. Does this sound right to anyone?

    Edit also my voltage is stable at 11.46v.
  7. I usually recommend 850's for twin GFX setups.....doesn't the Asus moBo come with Asus probe ? That should give you all the voltages you wanna monitor. But a true test would be to download OCCT and run the torture tests for CPU, GPU and PSU and look at the graphs afterwards (assuming it passes) and look for any dips.

    My PSu stays between 12.14 and 12.02, so when I see 11.46, it seems a bit low....which Corsair is it ? The TX isn't supposed to get that low:
  8. Yes I have the TX650.
  9. Okay well I used OCCT and the lowest it got on a 1 hour test is 11.95v
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    roll back the realtek lan drivers under device manager and your problem should be fixed.
    Enable sli.
    reboot system
    and go figure the problem is solved.
    I guess the realtek lan drivers loaded by default conflict with sli
    hope this helped
  11. Okay well I got the SLI to work. But when I have two cards in and run games the games always hiccup. Could this be due to not enough power? Also one card is running a bus of x16 the other is running x8. Shouldn't they both be at x16? Is this also a power issue?
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