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I'm a gamer and I mostly play Counter Strike Source and I was wondering which card would be better for source with a i5?? Others that I play with and said in the past with ATI cards that everything is darker than what it is with a nvidia card just wondering if anyone plays Counter Strike Source with a ATI card and has noticed this?

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  1. I don't know about the Dark effect...But I would say that HD 5850 is much better performer than GTX 275.

    Any of those cards will max out source.
    So If you play only 1 game then GTX 275 is the way to go...Otherwise HD 5850 no doubt.

    And yea...If you are thinking of saving some money u can get HD 4890 which gives same performance as 275 but cheaper...
  2. A 5850 is slightly better than a GTX285...so it is about 1.5 tiers above a GTX275.

    GTX275 ~ 4890 < GTX285 ~/< GTX285


    But for CS: Source and older games, you really don't need a powerful GPU. The 5850 costs around $290, and GTX275 costs around $260+.

    You can just get a 4870 1GB for ~$160 or a 5770 1GB for ~$170.
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