What graphics card fits pci express 2. 3

i have dell optiplex with dual core celeron cpu, seller says has pci express 2.3 so what cards will fit this? graphics built into motherboard but want it to run games like empire total war comfortably so i know cant rely on it. i am in the process in getting 250-500 gb harddrive 2gb ram and optical drive as well. all it came with is case and motherboard and power supply so any ideas? am i missing something i might need apart from what i already mentioned? :pt1cable:
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  1. well... good news is all pcie versions are compatible with each other, the bad is there isn't 2.3 version, so thats not right.... so who knows what else isn't what he says...
  2. this is what product description said. sorry it goes on a bit

    Serial ATA - Floppy drive - Serial
    Fan 5-pin connector
    PCI Express Graphics Slot 2.3
    USB 2.0 - Two front and 6 rear 480 Mbps
    Parallel Port rear (25-hole, bi-directional)
    Ethernet Network rear (RJ45)
    Stereo line-in minijack, rear - Speakers, line-out - minijack, rear - Microphone-in - minijack, front - Headphone minijack, front
    System Clock
    Utilizes the CK-505 clock synthesizer chip, which incorporates Intel specifications for clock generation - Data bus width 64 bits
    Address bus width 36 bits - DMA channels Eight - Interrupt levels 24
    PCI 2.3 PCI: 33 MHz
    PCI Express 1.0a - PCI Express x1: 5 Gbps - PCI Express x16: 80 Gbps
    SATA 1.0a and 2.0 - SATA: 1.5 and 3.0 Gbps
    Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3100

    Maximum Resolution
    Supports 640 x 480 up to 1920 x 1200 (refresh rates and additional resolutions are dependant on display)
    RAMDAC 400MHz, 24-bit - VGA DB-15 (analog)
    DVI-I native- Cable provides VGA output.
    Dual Monitor Support Yes, in conjunction with discrete graphics card
    Yes, with dual dongle Display Rotation Support
    Core Processor Speed 667MHz - 3D Setup & Render Engine - Supports D3D and OGL Pixilation Rules
    Controller clock speed (MHz) - Core Frequency: 667MHZ - sDVO Frequency: 270MHz
    ADI 1983 High Definition Audio Stereo conversion - 20-bit analog-to-digital; 20-bit digital-to-analog
  3. so it's PCI 2.3 and PCI-e 1.0a (x16)

    anywhoo, the machine seems so old that you'll better get something cheap and low power, maybe Ati HD4650 or 70
  4. why do you say its old? i want it to run games so am i wasting time and money? i can fit quad core if had to would that make any diiference performance wise? im newbie to all this
  5. Dell Optiplex GX755 MINI-TOWER Desktop Dual 2 Quad Core
    Dell Price £699 - Amazing Bargian - Ultra Quitet + Slim

  6. It's like a used car-O.K. for its time but no match for the new ones.
    Before attempting to put a new CPU in, make sure the motherboard will support it- My own MB uses the LGA775 socket yet will not support the new (newer anyway) Wolfdale processors, just the older Conroe ones.
    Fifty quid is fine, add in a HD4650 and it's a fair gamer at lower resolutions and settings, but remember games like total war demand a great deal of the CPU, so do not expect it to perform like a F1 racer.
  7. Any Intel CPU Compatiable,Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Quad Core Technology
    Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor Dual Core Technology with Intel vProTM Technology
    Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor Dual Core Technology
    Intel® Pentium® Dual Core Processor Dual Core Technology
    Intel® Celeron® Processor. this is what advertisement said about it surely with dual core celeron, a decent graphics card and good amount of memory and ram it will run total war? not fussed about amazing graphics would have them set low just want it to run without being jerky
  8. someone help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!any suggestions?????????/
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