How do I update my processor inspiron 530

Hello, I have had my Dell Inspiron 530 for about a year now and I have upgraded the RAM (from 1g to 6g total) and the video card (NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT), but I am unsure of how to upgrade my processor and or mobo.

I am a pretty computer savvy just having some doubts of my personal intelligence and was hoping for some advice from someone more capable.

I would like to know what is compatible and I should be able to figure out the rest ;). Thanks guys!
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  1. Yeah I was reading up on the Dell forums before you even replied and pretty much what I found out is that it would be better money spent if I sold my current computer and did a complete overhaul considering I can only upgrade it so much.

    So thank yo so much for you help but I think I am just going to attempt to invent in a new computer.

    P.S. this website is fantastic.
  2. Gaming is the #1 factor, but I also use my computer for work and college, which aren't nearly as demanding. Lot's of multitasking for work and college, like both my monitors have about 3 pages each up with 1-2 programs running as well.

    My budget is $700 - $1000 roughly, more if I can sell or even re use some parts from my current computer.

    I was thinking if I bought just a case and put it together myself it would be cheaper, but what do you think? I am still learning all the hardware stuff.
  3. I play WoW competitively and I am going to be playing Starcraft 2 and diablo 3.

    And yeah I am capable of putting one together myself, me and my uncle used to build old beat up computers from trash parts just to do it. But that was a long time ago heh.
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